Empowering Women through School Community Banks (SCOBAs)

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’d like to shine a spotlight on three entrepreneurial women we met in Uganda on our recent visit with Katende Stephen, founder of Kisoboka Africa. The first is Nakiyemba Florence, who serves as the leader of the school community bank the Kisoboka team helped to establish in her rural village.

This brilliant banking model connects families to their local school where parents and children learn together about the power of saving money and investing in their own community members. The community bank grants loans to its members for business start ups and other significant expenses that would otherwise be crippling to families living in extreme poverty and deter economic growth.

Florence used her loans to start a thriving poultry business, plant a healthy tomato garden, and create a piggery. Nakibinge Mary weaves beautiful mats and built a well for her extended family that improves their productivity and quality of life significantly. And Nakisese Agnes started a piggery that is now regarded as the best in her community.

These women have leveraged their extremely limited resources and created businesses that will dramatically improve their families’ income and hope for the future. Women are powerful beyond measure! #internationalwomensday

Adopted from M Night Shyamalan Foundation Facebook Post highlighting Kisoboka Africa Work