Kisoboka Africa is improving food security through providing seedlings to SCOBA members

Beyond financial inclusion, Kisoboka Africa is working with communities to empower them to have food security because they are usually affected by drought and famine. To achieve this, the organisation supported Lukindu SCOBA members to create a demonstration farm and a nursery bed for seedlings. Last week our team distributed the seedlings to the SCOBA members who where excited to receive the seedlings and they are using them to plant home-based gardens. The SCOBA members have been visiting each others’ homes to create raised gardens for this purpose as seen in the photo below.

Through co-creating these gardens with other SCOBA members, they are ensuring that they will always have nutritious food & vegetables and they are also learning sustainable methods of growing food at their homes using small spaces and some are being inspired to venture into farming to have alternative sources of income.

With the success of this first demonstration garden, lessons have been learnt and the organization is thinking of how this can be scaled to other SCOBAs in other communities across rural Uganda.

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