Lwentale P/S Community starts a second Kisoboka Africa inspired SCOBA group in record time

Lwentale Primary School in rural Lwengo is one of the schools we recently extended our SCOBA program to and with in weeks of forming our first group of 30 members which was filled up very quickly, another one was formed up in record time.

Since 2016, Kisoboka Africa has been empowering communities in rural Lwengo to save and start income generating activities through our School Community Banks(SCOBAs) program. We usually establish one SCOBA group in each community consisting of 30 members and then another group can be started after the first group is full.

From experience, it usually takes at least 3 months for a community to initiate a new School Community Bank after the initial one, however of late, we are being pleasantly surprised by some of the new developments in the newer communities we recently scaled to as many more SCOBAs are being created in weeks rather months after the initial one. One such a community that has seen a very quick growth of school community bank members is Lwentale. There are two groups so far and counting and members have already saved more than 1 million Ugandan shillings in a very short time. We are not only seeing this in Lwentale but also in many more communities where Kisoboka Africa has recently scaled to.

The interest to embrace the saving culture, learn new business skills and rise out of poverty in rural communities is very high and this inspires us to expand our work to more areas and impact more lives. Our mission at Kisoboka Africa is to ensure financial inclusion and youth empowerment for as many underserved communities as possible in rural Africa and beyond.

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