A tailor, a school owner & a farmer being empowered through Kisoboka Africa’s SCOBA program

When she wanted to buy materials for her tailoring business, she borrowed money at a very small interest rate from the Kisoboka SCOBA she is part of in her community which gave her the capacity to increase her production, serve more customers and make more profits. Over the last one year, her business has grown to the extent that she is now empowering girls from the community with skills in sewing and design. We are proud of the immense progress she is making as we journey with her through our SCOBA program.

She introduced a SCOBA at her school and it is transforming her life

She says she used not to like saving groups because the one’s she knew had a poor reputation. When Kisoboka Africa trained her in the SCOBA model, she had a change of mind and even started a SCOBA at her school. She testifies that this has given her an enabling platform to learn business skills, save and borrow to invest in her income generating projects. She has invested in building a classroom block and also started a piggery project using money from the Kisoboka inspired SCOBA. We are proud of her and the amazing work she is doing in rural Lwengo as our link person in her community to catalyze transformation

Her membership in SCOBA has given her access to reliable financial services

While she may not find it easy to access a traditional bank, being part of the school community bank(SCOBA) in her community means she has a place she can save the money she makes from the different income generating activities she runs at her home. She is also able to get small affordable loans from her SCOBA group periodically and invest in expanding her piggery project and buying feeds for her animals. We are honored to walk with her on this journey through our economic empowerment programs.

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