We are creating 20 new Kisoboka Africa SCOBA groups in rural Uganda

For the last 4 years, Kisoboka Africa has been actively working to ensure financial inclusion and economic empowerment for the underserved communities. The team has so far created 51 groups comprising of more than 1500 people and is currently supporting more rural communities to start their very first School Community Banks(SCOBAs). We are creating 20 new SCOBA groups in rural Uganda which will see 600 more people financially included & empowered to thrive, thanks to the generous support of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

With this support, we shall scale our impact to more schools, some in new rural areas meaning our work will be benefiting more people in these communities. Most of the people in these communities do not have access to banks, meaning Kisoboka Africa School Community Banks(SCOBAs) will be their way of accessing the much needed financial services. They will be able to save, borrow and share interest generated on their savings.

Beyond financial services, the members will also be trained in business skills to either start new income generating projects or productively manage the ones they already have. In empowering them with skills to build better Small businesses in their communities, they are creating more stable sources of income to improve livelihoods for their families, educate their children and sustainably prosper.

We greatly appreciate The Queens Commonwealth Trust for their support. Because of it, We are expanding #Financialinclusion and #EconomicEmpowerment to the underserved in Africa.

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