How do you save money in a rural village with no banks? Kisoboka Africa provides a solution through SCOBAs.

These women have found a way with Kisoboka Africa through the Sch*ool Community Banks(SCOBA) Model, They are saving for their dreams and changing their communities for the better. The organisation has so far started more than 90 groups in the rural communities of Lwengo.

SCOBAs bring together community members together on a weekly basis to save together and practice strategies of improving themselves financially. The biggest number of these members do not have bank accounts and a SCOBA is usually the first financial services platform they interact with.

The SCOBA group members at Kibimba meeting

Beyond saving, the members also have an opportunity to borrow from the pool of funds in the group. From experience, the money borrowed is usually used by members to start income generating projects and take care of their families which has improved their living standards.


In Sub Sahara Africa, only 15% of the population has savings with a formal financial inclusion. Kisoboka Africa is changing the narrative by providing a saving platform for people in rural communities and building their confidence to create wealth.

School Community Banks(SCOBA) members make rural areas places of change, innovation and transformation. We seen many members harness the platform to create businesses and improve their livelihoods. Many parents now have the capacity to educate their children and provide their basic needs because of the SCOBAs where they save money and can access funds for development.

One of the Leaders of Hope Bulemere SCOBA gives savings to one the group members

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