Lwengyenyi School Community Bank (SCOBA) is breaking barriers to inclusive financial services

Kisoboka Africa is transforming rural communities in Uganda through creating School Community Banks (SCOBAs) & promoting saving. In these SCOBAs, community members save together & access funds to start income-generating activities & support their children’s education. The organisation has started over 100 Saving groups (SCOBAs) in over 50 villages across Lwengo district.

One such a community is the one in Lwengyenyi, a village in rural Lwengo where Kisoboka Africa started a School Community Bank in 2020. In this SCOBA, there are over 100 members and beneficieries who are doing are amazing things with the platform Kisoboka Africa has created for them to save and thrive economically.

Our M&E manager collecting information from Lwengyenyi SCOBA leaders

Important to note is that a saving group that is organised and sits at a school is the first of its kind in this community. Many people in this area who had abandoned saving have regained interest and the transformation in their lives is so visible to the entire community.

Beyond the operational activities this saving group, members recently started working on group projects together. They are currently building a business center where they would like to always sit but also establish their SACCO/Bank premises. A project like this was not possible in the past because these community members had not gotten anyone to mobilise them and empower them to work together.

School Community Bank meeting at a school in Lwengyenyi

Working together with the team from Kisoboka Africa, the community is achieving great things together and members are also being empowered on an individual level to start their own income generating projects. This means they have more power to determine their destinies and lift themselves out of poverty.

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