Transforming Lwengo Rural Communities One Beneficiary at a Time: Kisoboka Africa’s Impact in Numbers

In rural Uganda, poverty is a pervasive reality that affects every aspect of life. But our organization, Kisoboka Africa, is working tirelessly to change that reality. With a focus on scaling deep, Kisoboka Africa is making a lasting impact on the communities it serves in Lwengo district.

Kisoboka Africa’s work centres on empowering local entrepreneurs to rise from poverty to prosperity. Through the School Community Banks (SCOBAs) it has established in Lwengo, Kisoboka Africa is providing a platform for rural entrepreneurs to save and lend their way out of poverty and grow their businesses.

The impact of Kisoboka Africa’s work is clear from the data. In the last quarter alone, there has been a significant increase in the number of SCOBAs members and their savings. But beyond the numbers, Kisoboka Africa’s impact is measured in the lives transformed. The SCOBA members who have benefitted from Kisoboka Africa’s support are building better futures for themselves and their families, and their communities are thriving. We are proud to share some of the data from our recent evaluation of the progress of our SCOBAs in Lwengo district in the graphs below.

But our impact is not just measured in numbers. It is measured in lives transformed. As seen above, in the last quarter, we have seen an increase in the number of our beneficiaries and their savings, enabling them to build better futures for themselves and their families. They have been able to improve their livelihoods, access quality education, health care and nutrition, and contribute to their communities.

We have also seen a strong correlation between savings and loans among our beneficiaries, meaning that they go hand in hand for rural entrepreneurs. The more they save, the more they can borrow and invest in their businesses. The more they invest, the more they can grow their income and savings. This creates a positive cycle of economic empowerment and social change.

Kisoboka Africa’s approach is evidence-based, and the data shows a strong correlation between savings and loans. By encouraging entrepreneurs to save and lend, Kisoboka Africa is providing them with the tools they need to grow their businesses and create jobs in their communities. This approach is not only sustainable, but it is also transformative, changing the trajectory of rural communities for generations to come.

But Kisoboka Africa’s impact goes beyond the data. It is visible in the smiles on the faces of our beneficiaries all over Lwengo district who have benefitted from our support, in the sense of pride and accomplishment they feel as they build their businesses, and in the hope and optimism they have for the future. The graph below shows the share of our impact per sub-county in the district

Kisoboka Africa is not alone in its work. It is supported by tireless partners who share its vision of a more equitable world. Together, they are making a difference, one entrepreneur at a time.

In the end, Kisoboka Africa’s work is about empowering rural communities to take control of their own futures. It is about building a world where poverty is not an obstacle, but an opportunity for growth and transformation. And with every new entrepreneur who joins a SCOBA, Kisoboka Africa is one step closer to making that vision a reality.

Join Kisoboka Africa on this journey to build a better world, one entrepreneur at a time.

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