Meet Priscilla, a School Community Bank (SCOBA) Member in Nakyenyi Who Runs a Tailoring Project

Priscilla is a mother of 4 children, who lives in Nakyenyi village, Lwengo district. She is also a member of the Nakyenyi School Community Bank (SCOBA), a savings and credit group supported by Kisoboka Africa. Priscilla joined the SCOBA in 2020, after attending a sensitization meeting organized by Kisoboka Africa in her community.

“I was interested in joining the SCOBA because I wanted to save money and access loans to improve my tailoring business. I also wanted to learn new skills and network with other women in my village,” she says.

Priscilla has been running a tailoring business for over 10 years, making clothes for her customers and selling them at the local market. She learned the skill from her mother, who was also a tailor. However, she faced challenges such as a lack of capital, materials, equipment, and market access.

“Sometimes I would run out of fabric or thread and I would have to wait for weeks to get them. Sometimes I would not have enough money to buy a new sewing machine or repair the old one. Sometimes I would not have enough customers or they would not pay me on time. These challenges affected my income and my ability to provide for my family,” she explains.

That’s why joining the SCOBA was a turning point for Priscilla. Through the SCOBA, she is able to save money regularly and access loans at low-interest rates. She sometimes uses the loans to buy more materials and expand her product range. She also received business skills training and mentorship from Kisoboka Africa, which helped her improve her record-keeping, marketing, customer service, and financial management.

“Since I joined the SCOBA, my business has improved a lot. I can make more clothes and sell them at a higher price. I can also diversify my products and offer different styles and designs. I have more customers and they pay me on time. I have increased my income and profits,” she says.

Priscilla’s increased income has enabled her to improve her quality of life and that of her family. She has been able to pay school fees for her children, buy nutritious food, access health care, and improve her living conditions. She can also contribute to her community by supporting other needy people and participating in development activities.

“I am very grateful to Kisoboka Africa for empowering me through the SCOBA program. They have helped me to achieve my dreams and goals. They have also given me hope and confidence in myself. I am proud of being a tailor and a SCOBA member,” she says.

Priscilla is one of the many women who have benefited from Kisoboka Africa’s SCOBAs program, which aims to expand financial inclusion, reduce poverty, and improve food security and livelihoods of the underserved in rural communities. By empowering school community bank members to start and run successful businesses, Kisoboka Africa is helping them to overcome poverty, improve food security, and educate their children.

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