The story of a Man who finally Achieved his dream of buying a Cow after joining Kisoboka Africa School Community Bank(SCOBA)

Abdul is a farmer in Bukumbula village, Lwengo district, Uganda. He has always dreamed of owning a cow, but he never had enough money to buy one. He used to struggle to make ends meet with his small plot of land and his low income.

But everything changed when he joined the School Community Bank (SCOBA), a project initiated by Kisoboka Africa.

The SCOBA is a group of people who save money together and lend to each other at low-interest rates. Abdul started saving regularly and accessing loans from the SCOBA to invest in a popcorn-making business. He also learned business skills from the training and coaching provided by Kisoboka Africa.

As a result, Abdul’s income increased. He was able to repay his loans on time and save more money. After two years of saving with the SCOBA, he finally had enough money to buy a cow.

Abdul was overjoyed when he brought his cow home. He said that the cow was a symbol of his hard work and determination.

“I am very happy and proud of myself. I have achieved my dream of buying a cow. This cow will help me to get more income from selling milk and manure. It will also improve my family’s nutrition and health. I am very grateful to Kisoboka Africa and the SCOBA for supporting me and making this possible,” Abdul said.

Abdul’s story is an inspiration to many people in his community.

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