Our COO Thomas Nsubuga Takes Center Stage in New York, USA: Pitching the Kisoboka Africa livelihood project called ‘Chicken Revolving Model’

Empowering Rural Families to Soar out of Poverty with Chickens

For rural families struggling with poverty in Uganda, a simple solution is bringing hope – chickens. Through an innovative project called the Chicken Revolving Model, Kisoboka Africa is using poultry to empower families and transform livelihoods in rural Lwengo.

The model provides households with 25 hens to start egg production as an ongoing source of income. With just a small flock, families gain the means to cover basics like school fees, medical bills, and home improvements that were out of reach before.

Thomas Pitches to a group of funders at the Accelerating Impact Challenge

Kisoboka Africa’s COO Thomas Nsubuga recently showcased the model’s incredible impact at the Resolution Project’s Accelerating Impact Challenge final event in New York by the Resolution Project. Thomas pitched the project to a panel of judges, sharing stories of families uplifted from poverty thanks to their chickens.

The income from eggs allows families to gain financial stability and self-sufficiency. Parents can provide nutritious food for better health. Women gain more agency over household spending. All of this ultimately lifts up entire communities.

The Chicken Revolving Model also incorporates business skills training so participants can sustain and grow their new ventures over the long term. Graduates beam with pride holding their certificates, ready to continue their journey out of poverty.

Thomas with other fellows after the pitching event

Thomas returned from New York energized to expand the model and help more families achieve prosperity. Kisoboka Africa continues to be amazed by the transformations they witness through this simple yet powerful approach.

Just 25 hens can set a struggling family on a path to stability, health, and happiness. With this innovative model, chickens are uplifting Uganda’s rural communities family by family. The future is looking brighter thanks to poultry power!

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