Kisoboka Africa partners with Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum(UMYDF) to launch a Youth Business Skills Program for peace in Lwengo

Yesterday marked a significant milestone at the Kisoboka Africa office, where we convened a pivotal meeting with key stakeholders. The focus? Empowering the youth of Lwengo with crucial business skills to combat unemployment and promote peace and prosperity in the district. The Lwengo District DISO passionately addressed stakeholders, officially launching the Youth Business Skills Training Program, a collaborative effort with the Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum (UMYDF).

In the words of our Chairman of the Board, “Empowering youth with business skills is the cornerstone of sowing seeds for peace and prosperity.” This sentiment underlines our joint initiative with UMYDF to implement a transformative program that not only imparts essential business knowledge but also provides tangible opportunities for growth. We firmly believe that an informed and skilled generation is pivotal for fostering lasting peace and driving positive societal change.

Our Team Leader, Katende, provided a comprehensive overview of the program to Lwengo district officials, emphasizing the strategic importance of cross-sector collaboration. The goal is to unite community stakeholders and pool resources, ensuring that youth are equipped with both entrepreneurial and life skills necessary for their holistic development.

The venue, the Possibility Hub, served as an inspirational backdrop—a space dedicated to nurturing success stories, particularly among the youth. As we actively strive to address unemployment and empower the next generation of leaders, we draw inspiration from the African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Through strategic partnerships and our unwavering commitment to uplifting Lwengo’s youth, we believe the impact will not only be swift but also enduring. #ItsPossible

Below is the gallery of the event in photos

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