Young Savers Clubs in rural Lwengo start a new cycle as the new school year begins  

The Young Savers Clubs in Rural Lwengo district have commenced a new cycle as the new school year begins. Kisoboka Africa has provided the clubs with essential materials, including new record books and operational guidelines, to support their savings initiatives in the second year. Club members have taken ownership by electing a committee to oversee activities and establishing rules and regulations. These efforts aim to create a structured environment that fosters financial literacy, responsible money management, and continued growth of the savings clubs. With Kisoboka Africa’s support, the young savers are empowered to build a foundation for a brighter financial future for themselves and their communities.

This transformative process would not be possible without the generous support of the MNS Foundation. Their belief in empowering communities through financial education and savings initiatives has been instrumental in driving this impactful work. Kisoboka Africa extends its heartfelt gratitude to the MNS Foundation for their unwavering commitment to creating lasting change in rural Lwengo.

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