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About Us

How We Started

In 2015 while working with rural schools in Lwengo District and Lyantonde district, Our co-founders identified a challenge of high rates of school dropouts and worked on a go back to school campaign to address the issue. Working with community volunteers, over 200 children went back to school.

However, many dropped out again after a short period. Stephen, one of our co-founders carried out research in Lwengo district to understand why the drop outs continued despite the campaign. The community identified poverty as the major reason for drop outs. They identified limited finances , limited skills and knowledge, and  lack of income generating projects as the reasons for poverty

Our cofounders started a journey to find a solution to these problems and in June 2016, he mobilized 30 parents in Lukindu BT Academy to start a saving group based in the school to ensure children education. In collaboration with Stephen, Bruce also mobilised 30 parents at Kabasegwa Primary School in Lyantonde and another group was born in the second school.

In 2017, Kisoboka Africa was registered 3 co-founders Stephen, Daisy and Bruce (All former fellows of Building Tomorrow) to ensure financial inclusion and youth economic empowerment targeting undeserved hard to reach areas. 

Kisoboka Africameaning “It is possible”, mobilises parents and forms school-based groups to embark upon income-generating initiatives that are in turn used to finance education for children

Our Vision

Ensure Financial Inclusion and Youth Empowerment in Rural and undeserved Communities of Africa


Ending extreme poverty  to ensure sustainable livelihoods in Uganda

  • Rural communities
  • Young people in rural/urban primary and secondary schools
  • Youth and Women in undeserved areas

Our Values


We work with undeserved to put an end to extreme poverty ensuring that they have access to productive resources to catalyse their development.


In all we do, we start with a continuity plan to ensure that our projects have lasting impact on the communities we serve.


We believe that when people work together, they achieve more as well captured in the famous Africa proverb that “If you want to fast, move alone, but if you want to go further, move together”. We move together to achieve more in all we do.

Community Led

We implement community led solutions. We involve the community in planning, implementing and monitoring of all our projects to ensure community ownership.


We observe high level of transparency and professionalism in the implementation of all our projects. We are accountable to all our stakeholders.