Chicken Revolving Model

Transforming Lives and Building Sustainable Livelihoods: Kisoboka Africa’s Innovative Chicken Revolving Model

Kisoboka Africa empowers marginalized women and youth in rural African communities through an innovative Chicken Revolving Model. Our goal is to increase incomes, encourage savings, and lift families out of poverty by creating sustainable livelihoods.

We have established 100 community-owned and self-controlled School Community Banks (SCOBAs) to provide access to savings, loans and investment capital. So far, we have empowered over 3,000 women and youth to take control of their financial futures.

Now, we are entering an exciting new phase with our Chicken Revolving Model. Carefully selected marginalised families join a cohort and receive training, 25 layer birds each, inputs and ongoing support to launch their own poultry business. After 12 months, they ‘pay it forward’ by passing on their knowledge, resources and chickens to the next cohort – creating a ripple effect of empowerment.

In the first year alone, we have empowered 48 households to build sustainable livelihoods. With sufficient funding, our goal is to reach 1,080 households and establish 36 more SCOBAs by 2024, transforming lives across rural Africa.

Join us as we empower women, uplift youth, cultivate entrepreneurship and build brighter futures. Kisoboka Africa – progress through partnership.