It's Possible


The Young Savers Clubs in Action

Children in Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy training happening in Mayira. The children fill out a survey

Hope Bulemere Primary School

The process of Baking at Hope Bulemere Primary School

After Learning to Bake

The children show off their products after learning to bake at Hope Bulemere Young Savers Club

Baking Training

The children of Namulanda Primary school go through baking training 

Celebration after training

The children show of what they have learnt after the training 

Children with the coordinator

Ivannah posses with the children after the training

Young Savers Clubs in Action at Kyassonko Primary School

Ivannah guides children during financial literacy training

After a financial literacy training at Mayira

Mayira School Children during a Financial literacy training

Ivannah, Kisoboka YSC coordinator guides children during training

Children of Kyassonko School during hands on

Our Work in Pictures 2020