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Kisoboka Africa is a financial
inclusion and youth empowerment Organization, focused on improving livelihoods
of rural communities through ensuring financial inclusion and equipping youths
both in schools and out of school with essential knowledge to help them live to
their full potential.

School  Community Banks (SCOBA)

the SCOBAs, we collaborate with schools and the community to form financial
empowerment platforms. The parents are organized into savings and lending
groups based in schools. They meet weekly to save money, share knowledge and
borrow to start income generating activities. In the weekly meetings parents
are equipped with financial literacy, entrepreneurship, agricultural skills and
knowledge that they utilise to effectively invest money they have borrowed to
boost their incomes.

During the weekly meetings, our staff and the schools leaderships sensitize parents about the importance of education. Parents also get a chance to interact with
teachers about their children`s education.

Young Savers Clubs(YSC)

Through the Young Savers Clubs (YCS), we train school going children how to save and

invest while they are still young which has been missing in adults. Children are also equipped with leadership skills through running of their groups and the investments they start from their savings. All these skills and knowledge are not taught in school and therefore we believe that this program will help
raise the next generation of entrepreneurs who are financially literate, can
save and start enterprises to reduce the high youths unemployment rates.