Young Savers Clubs

Young Savers Clubs

Kisoboka Africa’s Young Savers Clubs Program is a unique initiative that empowers school-going children in Uganda to become financially savvy and entrepreneurial. The program teaches children how to save and invest their money wisely and start and run their own businesses from their savings. The program also fosters leadership skills among the children, who manage their own clubs and investments. These are essential skills and knowledge not taught in school but are vital for the future success of the children and their communities. By participating in the program, the children learn to overcome the challenges of poverty and unemployment that many adults face and become the next generation of entrepreneurs who can create positive societal change. Under YSC, we do two projects which include; Financial Literacy and Hands-on skills

Financial Literacy

Children learn money management skills.

Hands-on skills

We train children in skills like weaving and bakery

The Young Savers Clubs in Action

Children in Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy training happening in Mayira. The children fill out a survey

Hope Bulemere Primary School

The process of Baking at Hope Bulemere Primary School

After Learning to Bake

The children show off their products after learning to bake at Hope Bulemere Young Savers Club

Mayira School Children during a Financial literacy training

Ivannah, Kisoboka YSC coordinator guides children during training

Children of Kyassonko School during Hands on skills