Bridges to Peace project: Youth of Lwengo trained by Kisoboka Africa Pitch their Ideas

On February 14th, Kisoboka Africa held an exciting pitching event for Lwengo District youth to showcase their business ideas and compete for seed grant funding. Over the preceding three months, the young participants had undergone intensive skills training at Kisoboka Africa’s Possibility Hub with support from the Uganda Moselm Youth Development Forum, Kofi Anan Foundation and The European Union under the Bridges to Peace Project. Equipped with entrepreneurial capabilities and creative ambitions, they presented viable solutions spanning agribusiness, retail, and technology ventures. As participants readied to take the stage and field jury questions, you could sense their eagerness to make winning pitches.

True to its empowerment mission, Kisoboka Africa’s Team Leader encouraged participating youth to emphasize simplicity and clarity while avoiding sophisticated language. As an advisor stressed, conveying the core value proposition in relatable terms is key so that judges fully grasp new concepts. During the sessions, youth brought their A-game, synthesizing leanings from months of financial planning, customer insights, and product development modules.

While this capstone event set the stage for youth to access startup capital upon excelling, it also helped cement long-term skills like pitching, communication, and critical thinking to last in entrepreneurial journeys ahead. Collaborations across like-minded partners committed to nurturing grassroots innovation will be integral for sustainability. The event was attended by officials from the Lwengo District, the youth and other community members as seen in the pictures below

Judging by the traction and shared excitement surrounding this event, Lwengo District youth are hungry to enact positive change. As young change agents turn business ideas into startups and jobs, they become living proof that empowerment is possible. Their collective economic leadership promises to uplift entire communities with newfound prosperity.

Special thanks to our partners Uganda Moselm Youth Development Forum, Kofi Anan Foundation and The European Union for supporting this project.

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