From abject poverty to thriving: The story of Nakalisa, a Kisoboka Africa SCOBA member.

The first time we met Nakalisa, she had been living in abject poverty in the village of Kiwangala, rural Lwengo. She had no established source of income and was struggling to take care of her household needs.

However, when we visited her recently, we realised there had been a turn around in her life, a visible change of fortune. We found her home full of activity, there were several hens in the banana plantation, pigs and other farming projects. As we looked on top of her earth house, there was a solar panel. She is now able to have lights in her house at night using solar and the children she lives with in the house can now read their books using not kerosene lamps, but solar power which is clean and healthier.

She says that she borrowed money from a Kisoboka Africa SCOBA she is part of at Lukindu Primary School to buy the solar panel. With a lot of joy, she describes to us how it had been difficult for her to start any income generating project or do anything at her home before until Kisoboka Africa started a saving and lending group(School Community Banks) at Lukindu Primary School. She has now has easy access to financial services anytime.

Nakalisa joyfully testifies that through our School Community Banks(SCOBA) program, she has been able to save, learn financial and business management skills and is being supported to prosper incrementally. Together, we are making a difference in her life and many others ?!

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