Empowering and Celebrating Young Farmers in Lwengo: Highlights from the Youth In Agribusiness Event at Kisoboka Africa

Thursday, June 8th, 2023, marked a moment of pride and accomplishment at Kisoboka Africa as the Youth In Agribusiness Event took centre stage. This event brought together extraordinary young visionaries who showcased their dedication and remarkable journey in the field of agriculture. With the President of YALI RLC Alumni Uganda Association present to award certificates, it was a day filled with inspiration, innovation, and the celebration of young farmers. Let’s dive into the highlights of this unforgettable event.

Empowering Youth in Agribusiness:

One of the Participants receives a certificate from Faith Mailah, YALI Alumni Uganda Association

The Youth In Agribusiness Event at Kisoboka Africa aimed to empower young individuals to embrace agriculture as a sustainable career option. With the hashtags #YouthInAgribusiness and #InspiringYoungFarmers, the event sought to showcase the potential of the youth in driving change and innovation in the agricultural sector. The participants were equipped with transformative agribusiness skills, ensuring their readiness to uplift livelihoods in their communities.

Outstanding Agribusiness Projects:
The event witnessed the pitching of agribusiness projects by five youth groups from rural Lwengo. Each group presented their innovative ideas and showcased their commitment to sustainable farming practices. The projects ranged from value addition to corn, food processing, and increasing access to agricultural resources. The judges were impressed by the ingenuity and positive impact displayed by these young agripreneurs.

And the Winners Are:

Kamuwaza Group, the winner of the Pitching, receives a cheque from Stephen Katende and YALI Uganda Alumni Leaders

After careful evaluation, the winners of the Youth In Agribusiness Event were announced. The Kamuwaza Group claimed the first position, capturing hearts with their brilliant agribusiness project. They demonstrated innovation and excellence, securing them a well-deserved victory. Lwengo Development Youth Agribusiness Initiative stood tall in the second position, while the Kyazanga Youth Group claimed the third position. All the winners showcased their potential to make a significant difference in the agricultural sector.

Keynote Address and Words of Wisdom:
The event featured a keynote address by Muhumuza Faizo, the President of the U.S. Exchange Programs Alumni Association Uganda. His empowering insights and words of wisdom resonated with the participants, encouraging them to dream big and strive for success. The judges also shared valuable feedback and motivated the youth to continue working hard for a more sustainable and inclusive food system.

Mr Muhumuza Faizo, the Lead Judge Addresses the Youth in Agribusiness Participants

Supporting Partners and Exhibitions:
The success of the Youth In Agribusiness Event would not have been possible without the support of partners such as the U.S. Mission in Uganda and YALI RLC Alumni Uganda Association. Through the YALI Visibility Fund, these partners played a crucial role in equipping over 18 talented youth in Lwengo with transformative agribusiness skills. The event also featured an agribusiness exhibition, where the participants showcased their products and received genuine interest and support from esteemed guests.

The Youth In Agribusiness Event at Kisoboka Africa on Thursday, June 8th, 2023, was a resounding success. It brought together exceptional young individuals who demonstrated their passion for agriculture and their ability to drive change through innovative agribusiness projects. The event celebrated the accomplishments of these visionary change-makers and highlighted the importance of empowering youth in creating a more sustainable and inclusive food system. Kisoboka Africa and its partners continue to inspire and uplift young farmers, proving that with dedication and support, it is indeed possible to make a significant impact in the field of agribusiness.

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