Kisoboka Africa empowers the Young Minds at Building Tomorrow Primary School Mayira Through Financial Literacy

In the remote village of Mayira, Uganda, a revolution in financial literacy is underway. A Team led by Musiimenta Ivannah, the Programs Coordinator of Young Savers Clubs from Kisoboka Africa, a non-profit dedicated to empowering African youth, arrived at Building Tomorrow Primary School on July 26, 2023 on a mission to open young minds to the life-changing potential of financial skills.

Eager students filtered into the classroom, buzzing with excitement. For most, this was their first experience with structured lessons in topics like budgeting, saving, and investing—concepts that could lift their families out of poverty.

Ivannah guides the children through a simple survey during the training

An interactive game introduced the difference between needs and wants. Laughter filled the room as the children debated the priority of buying a goat over sweets. Through engaging activities, the students gained practical money management techniques to achieve goals like starting a business, buying a bicycle, or paying school fees.

The training was an eye-opening experience for the students. Hands shot up to ask question after question. By the end, faces beamed with newfound confidence. One boy declared, “Now I understand how important it is to save!”

The Children smile during the interactive session at Mayira

The team achieved an extraordinary feat that day. In just a few hours, they planted the seeds of financial knowledge that could grow into a lifetime of prosperity. When asked, every student said they wanted to learn more.

The young minds of Mayira glimpse a future once unimaginable—one of economic security and financial independence. Kisoboka Africa is helping empower the next generation to turn that vision into reality.

We thank all the Supporter and Partners of Kisoboka Africa like MNS Foundation who make this work possible.

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